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Finggal Link original ASP prodcut of FL Specific Health Check Network System and have installed in Akita City Government (Akita Prefecture), Sakakibara Memorial Clinic (Tokyo), and Keiaikai Health-check Center (Iwate Prefecture).

System Work Flow
Patient ID card input
Clinic registration in Barcode format
Health-check data acquisition in XML, EXL, CSV formats
Doctor’s report in XML format
Bill Report in XML format
Main Features XML format is much compatible than ever for other data management system
  Only software installation in Low cost due to Application Service Provider (ASP) or Software as a Service (SaaS)

Integrate with other current data management system
Free Trial A free, fully functional 30-day trial version is available
Screen Samples hcn hcn hcn
PC Requirements


Windows XP, Vista


5.0.6 and over


1 GB and over


2GB and over

Finggal Link is developing an original Telemetry Vital Management System for Home healthcare management by using of the telemetric devices and USB with an identiable access key.


This e-Up Health Net system is collaborating with Nurse Enjoy Association Co. Ltd.

For details please refer the following site (Japanese only)

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