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Whole Blood Aggregometer Whole Blood/Optical Lumi-Aggregometer is manufactured by Chrono-log Corporation, USA

Measurement of platelet function by using electrical impedance in whole blood or optical density in plasma with simultaneously measuring ATP release by the luminescence method.

SIPA, Shear Stress-Induced Platelet Aggregation CFA-1 to measure SIPA manufactured by Toray Precision Co., Ltd. Continuous measurement of the SIPA produced by the blood flow for diagnosis of arterial thrombosis and evaluation of anti-thrombotic medicines
RBC Deformability Test The RheoScan-D system made by Sewon Meditech,Inc., Korea Measurement of red blood cell deformability by adopting the leading-edge technologies including microfluidics, laser-diffraction, image-processing, etc.
Fluorogenic measurement of thrombinogenesis The calibrated automated thrombogram system manufactured by Thrombinoscope BV, The Netherlands
and imported by Thermo Fisher Scientific K.K.

The CAT can measure thrombotic and bleeding tendency for monitoring thrombotic disorders

AUTOMATED BLOOD SMEARING INSTRUMENT HEMAPREP® manufactured by J.P Gilbert Co., USA and imported by Nihon Rufuto Co., Ltd.

Enables personnel with little experience to produce high quality smears for routine and special hematology and variable spreader speed allows operator to control smear length

Sternal marrow biopsy Bone Merrow Biopsy STERNUM is manufactured by TSK Laboratory, Japan A manual operation, aspiration assisted Bone Marrow Biopsy Device for use in the Sternum and/or Illiac Crest. Ultra-sharp, close-fit, short-taperd bevel. ultra-sharp trocar point, syringe with plunger lock and adjustable Penetration depth.

Colloid Osmometer
Model 4420 Colloid Osmometer manufactured by Wescor, Inc., USA and imported by YSI Japan Limited wescor4420
Rapid measurement of colloid osmotic (oncotic) pressure for the prediction of edema onset in clinical situations so as to provide the physician with a patient's COP status before administering albumin or synthetic colloids and as a precise monitor of this therapy.
Automatic lymphocyte collection
Cyto Collect T-8 manufactured by Irika Co. Ltd. is specially designed for automated lymphocyte collection.
- Full automated collection of washed mononuclear cells
- Special disposable chip
- Built-in washing procedure with PBS
- Simple operation up to 8 samples of 8 ml
- Stainless device
- Small opening area with high pressure, HEPA filter, and germicidal lamp to protect the device from contamination
Sample capacity 1 - 8
Process volume 8 ml
Sample tube 15mm D x 105mm L
Centrifuge Max 1700 G, and changeable with input
Separate tube Glass 16.5mm D x 110mm L
Collection container Conical tube 15ml (16.5mm D x 110mm L
Cellular layer detection Auto imaging process with resolution of 13μm
Aspiration tube Special collect chip
Wetted material Nonmetal
Washing procedure Volume: Max 50ml and Max twice
Dimension 760mm W x 685mm H x 595mm D
Weight 63 kg
Electric power consumption 110VA

Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge model 7620 manufactured by Wescor, Inc., USA and imported by YSI Japan Limited wescor7620
The patented Cytopro system is a complete, integrated system including an instrument console with touch pad controls and an eight-station cytocentrifuge rotor

Gram Slide Stainer
AEROSPRAY® Gram Slide Stainer/Cytocentrifuge model 7320 manufactured by Wescor, Inc., USA and imported by YSI Japan Limited wescor7320
Combined with the full cytocentrifuge capability of the aerospray, the automated features of the Gram Stainer bring quick, excellent, and standardized results to the variable and labor-intensive world of gram staining
Automated system for capillary electrophoresis CAPILLARYS 2 manufactured by Sebia, Inc., France provides a high level of performance to meet the needs from the most stringent requirements of clinical diagnostic laboratories
MINICAP manufactured by Sebia, Inc., France provides small to medium size laboratories all of the benefits of SEBIA’s Capillary technology with the added advantage of a smaller instrument footprint.
Multi-purpose electrophoresis measurement system HyHYDRASYS 2SCAN manufactured by Sebia, Inc., France

This self-contained complete system carries out all the different phases of electrophoresis testing with a brand-new concept reader

Automated erythrocyte sedimentation Roller 20 LC manufactured by ALIFAX S.p.A., Italy Fully automated analyser for the determination of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), the results in 20 seconds related to kinetics of red cells aggregation. The capacity 18 samples + 2 washing tubes and only 150 µl of blood collected in EDTA.
Disposable Hemocytometer INCYTO C-Chip is manufactured by SKC, Korea A disposable plastic hemocytometer used for manual cell counting

Laboratory management supporting systemlsys3

Lsys is a Fingggal Link original prodcut in Japanese language and installed in 170 medical facilities over Japan
Lsys can check numorous data at real time and with the interface to other hospital information system (HIS) and electronic medical charts as well as the web server. Remote technical supported by Finggal Link

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