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Baropodometry and stabilometer

Win-Pod manufactured by Medicapteurs, France
An electronic baropodometry with the characteristics of the following:
- 2304 new generation calibrated sensors
- Active area 40x40 cm and sensors 8mmx8mm
- High acquisition frequency
- USB connection on fixed PC or laptop
- Resistant frame, non-deforming up to 300 kilos

S-Plate manufactured by Medicapteurs, France

An electronic podometry and a standardized posturography, S-PLATE can analyze the plantar pressures in the static and dynamic position

Physiotherapeutic bed
Manumed manufactured by Enraf-nonius B.V, the Netherland
The Manumed Special treatment with hydraulic height adjustment

Rigaku Chair
The bearing surface moves to the front, back, left and right when sitting, so as to restore a natural posture, and the body trunk seems to be steady. It recommends it to the person who is sitting long.
  rigaku chair
Wireless sensors
Collaboration with other manufacturers
small and high sensitive sensor for body temperature, myoelectric and acceleration

Ultrasound electrocardiographic mapping device
Collaborating with Tokyo Microdeivce to measure the blood flow rate by ultrasound mapping function

NeuroStudy is manufactured by T & T Medical, Japan
A device for neuromuscular function examination by an electricity stimulation to measure electromyogram, nerve conduction velocity, the vital signal generated from the nerve and the muscle fiber
Sleep diagnostic systems
Embletta PDS is manufactured by Embla Systems, USA
A pocket-sized digital recorder that is a complete system for diagnosis and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) in the sleep clinic, hospital, or home. Powered by two alkaline or rechargeable batteries, the Embletta has an internal flash memory that can store comprehensive respiratory data for a full night.

Nasal sinuses
Pari Sinus is manufactured by Pari GmbH, Germany
The positive effect of an alternating pressure wave to deposit aerosol in the nasal sinuses. Vibrating aerosols are conveyed far more easily through the ostia to the nasal sinuses than conventional aerosols, bringing the medication directly to the place where it needs to take effect
  pari sinus

Nose shower and flushing
INQUA is manufactured by Inqua GmbH, Germany
A smarter combination for nose hygiene by released from contamination and moistened sufficiently
  inqua Nasendusche

Finggal Link develops a DICOM Image filing system for customized image conversion and storage.

DICOM Imaging Converter
DICOM Converter Multi Out View is a Finggal Link original product
Converting general medical images to DICOM format and sending to DICOM Server. Bundle with DICOM viewer
  DICOM Converter

DICOM Imaging Storage System
DISS-200-eswl is a Finggal Link original product
DICOM Review workstatio designed for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter (ESWL) as DICOM server client. Equipped with the following functions:
- DICOM storage, Q/R, and print
- Non DICOM image (JPEG, TIFF, BMP) change to DICOM format
- DICOM CD backup
  DICOM Storage

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